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Presenting a clean and comfortable office environment at a cost-effective price is a key challenge for today’s businesses. Office managers want a value-for-money service with no compromise on quality - and must use their cleaning budgets wisely. Our company, Xclusive Commercial Cleaning Services, was established to meet this need. We will provide Businesses or Schools with a unique set of benefits that blend quality delivery with cost saving methodologies and hands-on, accessible management.


The growth of our client base purely from word-of-mouth recommendation is a testament to the points of difference we provide.




With cleaning contracts in place at a number of schools and offices Auckland wide, we bring extensive experience to every aspect of Commercial Cleaning, providing the FULL SERVICE. We have been working in schools  and offices for Five years and have developed a deep understanding of the special nature of this environment: in particular, the need to ensure the safety and security of children and staff by employing reliable and honest personnel who have undergone police screening, and the need to protect school property and classroom materials.


Currently we are providing cleaning services at Grey Lynn Primary School (first contract in 2007, renewed 2010); Bay Field Primary School (3-year contract,  started in 2010); Freemans Bay Primary School (3-year contract, started in 2009);  Balmoral Primary School (3-year contract,  started in 2009) and  Richmond Road Primary School (3-year contract,  started in 2010). Services we provide include:

  • Toilet cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Floor cleaning
  • Floor polishing
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Interior windows
  • Rubbish removal
  • Scheduled spring cleans
  • Deep kitchen cleans
  • Pest control


We have worked hard to build up a track record for excellence with every client and consider the word-of-mouth recommendations that have brought us all our business to be confirmation that we are meeting quality requirements.  All our work is 100 per cent guaranteed and we carry comprehensive public liability insurance of $10 million. 

A list of referees and their contact details are located on Our Clients page..


Our value-for-money approach is a major benefit to all our clients.  We are confident that we can reduce the cleaning costs for the Schools and Businesses around New Zealand we work within our quoted price and also offer a discount of up to 20 per cent to all our long term Clients, quite simply Xclusive Commercial Cleaning Services will make your working environment a nicer place to be in and work at by improve the cleanliness of their premises.  How do we do this? We operate a tight business structure with a focus on continuous improvement in the way we carry out our tasks to save time and costs, and add value for our clients.  Some of the benefits we bring to this contract are:


Team work

We carry out our work as a cohesive, experienced team where each member is responsible for a specific cleaning task in each of the premises we are servicing. This methodology has resulted in significant time savings as staff work extremely efficiently as specialists in their specific areas. It has brought added benefits to users of the environments we service - for example, we eliminate cross-contamination risks by ensuring personnel who clean toilet areas do not work in any other areas, this way of working also gives accountability to individual staff for work carried out. Each work done can be tracked back to a particular staff for accountability.


Xclusive Management Team and Structure
Our company owners, husband and wife team Jay and Ranjeeta Singh who have vested interest in maintaining their company’s Reputation and Name are in charge of Head office and Complaints Management Department within the Company.

•    Email:
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Owner’s motto: It takes a life time to build a Name and a few seconds to lose it.

Xclusive Commercial Structure
Two Area Managers South East Central Area and North Western Area.

•    Ajit Kumar Tangudu (North West) - Email:
•    Kashyap Prajapati (South East and Central) - Email:

  • Full Management Autonomy of the delegated Areas and Sites, working within the company guidelines as set out in the Clients Cleaning Specification(CCS)
  • Management Quality Control with Site Visits
  • First point of Contact

Site Supervisors or Sub Contractors or Franchisees
  • Daily hands Cleaning Duties as set out in the (CCS) Clients Cleaning Specification

Full Time/Part-time staff/Casual Staff
  • Bulk Daily cleaning/Termly/Seasonally Clean

Easy communication
Jay and Ranjeata will be Xclusive single points of contact for any Complaints Management issue.
We are the Fire Fighter of the Company.

Ajit and Kashyap are hands-on Area managers who have personal knowledge of every aspect of the day-to-day tasks involved with the Clients Cleaning Specification and Contract, are available 24/7 and will respond immediately to any special requests.

Building close working relationships is an important part of our company culture: by nurturing a long-term successful partnership with our Clients, we will be working together for continuous improvement and to add value to the service we provide by providing
ALL Commercial Cleaning Services under one roof.


Flexible contracts and pricing

As an independent, family-owned business, we can offer Businesses and Schools flexibility on pricing and in the details of the contract. For example, we don’t insist on long termination periods that are common in our industry (often up to three months). Clients have the option of adding a short-term notice period (as little as a week) into in their contracts if required.  This option reflects the confidence we have in the quality of our work, and further motivates our staff to deliver

our service to the highest standards at all times.


Xclusive believes in providing the Full Service

and our Business is based on Deliverance of Service


An Xclusive team

Crucial to our ability to provide our required level of service is our strong team of loyal staff.  We take great pride in our high rate of staff retention which provides clients with the benefit of a stable, experienced and efficient workforce.  Every member of our team is police screened, will work with the utmost respect for office property and adhere to all Ministry security requirements.


All our staff has undergone formal training that covers health and safety issues, handling chemicals and the practical completion of all tasks.  On-going training is provided as required.  For contracts where we have had to taken on existing staff from our clients, we have provided retraining, support and supervision to ensure they work to our standards and methodologies.  Reflecting the value we place on our team, we pay considerably above industry rates. Supervisors have company vehicles and staffs are supplied with mobile phones to ensure we can reach them at all times.


XCLUSIVE Sustainability

We take environmental concerns and other aspects of sustainability seriously, and use eco-friendly products and processes to minimise the detrimental effect of our work. In situations where chemicals are required, our staffs are properly trained in handling and disposal techniques to ensure personal and environmental safety.  Further, we have structured our contracts so that our teams work within a limited geographic area, minimising travel times and distances.